Afternoon tea party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday

“Villagers Event Only”
The Great Hinton afternoon tea party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday is to be held at the top end of Peppercorn Orchard on Sunday 12th June 3pm – 5pm. Audrey will be visiting homes to gather attendance numbers and to co-ordinate those bringing food or donations.  There will be a children’s “crown fit for a queen” making competition so, please children do join in.
Red, white and blue dress optional.
Hope to see you all there

2016 Photographic Competition for the ‘KC Cup’

As maCAMERAny of you know Kevin was very much into photography and therefore the ‘KC Cup’ for achievement in Great Hinton Village in 2016 will be awarded to the person who produces the best photograph.

The competition is open to all villagers and there are two groups:

Children 16 and under

 Adults (17 + years) 

GHThere is no theme as such and therefore photos can be of holidays, landscapes, family, pets – whatever you wish.

There will be a prize for the best photo in each age group and the best overall will win the ‘KC Cup’ to keep for a year until the next momentous achievement in 2017.

Any photos of Great Hinton will be considered for a new photo on the front page of the village website.

How to enter

Entry is £2 per adult and £1 per child and you can enter as many photos as you like for this fee.

Photos can be coloured, sepia or black and white.

Please let me (Sandra) have your entries and fee by Saturday 4th September, where they should be taken to: 7 Peppercorn Orchard 

Please write your name, group (i.e under 16 or 17+) and phone number on the back of each photo.

Photos should be recent i.e in the last 2 years.

There will be an exhibition in the hall of all photos and prizes will be awarded on that day – TBA