Great Fun at the Race Night

Great Fun at the Race Night

The 24th March saw six of the best horses performing over a ‘water jump’ and a ‘beech hedge’ in Great Hinton Races.  A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all. Horses were auctioned for anything from £1 – £3, bets placed (at £1 each) and the race began – two huge dice determined which horse moved and how far it moved then the tension built until 1st, 2nd and 3rd romped home.  Winnings were collected and the whole process repeated over 8 races. No-one won a fortune and likewise no-one lost a fortune but we all had a good time. Many thanks to Graham Holmes for making all the wonderful props and running the show. The horses have been put in the stable (hall loft) to recover and regain their energy ready for the next races!

Race1 And they’re off!

race31st over the line!

race2Three finishers!


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