KC Cup Photographic Competition

display of photosWhat an excellent response to the competition. There were 22 adults exhibiting 81 photos and 5 child exhibiting 11 photos. The display at the village hall last weekend during the art and craft show was very impressive. Such an array of subjects and what a lot of talent.

Thank you to Roy McDine from Trowbridge Camera Club for judging the entries and presenting the prizes. Apart from having a better idea of what to look for than myself he also worked with Kevin in Westbury and then Trowbridge when we first moved to Great Hinton 30 years ago.

The winner of the children’s prize was Sophia Covey and second was Ellen Britton Le Bihan. Winning the adult section and also the overall prize of the KC Cup was Diane Norris.

I have made a calendar for 2017 of the best 12 entries and hope to have a copy for viewing next week (unfortunately due to courier problems it was not available at the exhibition) If you would like to see it and possibly order one please give me a call. The cost will be £10.


Diane                      Diane's photo


SophiaSophia's photo


Ellen's photoEllen




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