Pub Olympics – Saturday 21st January

Pub Olympics – Saturday 21st January

Despite the cold weather there was a record turnout for the pub olympics of 30 adults and 12 day old Miles who slept through all the mayhem!

Five traditional pub games (skittles, dominoes, shove ha’penny, darts and table skittles) were arranged around the hall and there was just enough room for team tables in the centre. Everyone should have played each game – this worked in most cases but I can assure you that trying to control a room of 30 adults under the influence is a lot harder than a class full of children!

The winning team was the Green team otherwise known as ‘Trump Towers’! but only by a single point (is this reminiscent of the US election?) The ‘yellow perils’ came 4th out of 5 teams despite having 3 of the best scores out of the 5 games – I don’t know what the other team members were up to! or perhaps they didn’t put their joker on the right game. However I think they all enjoyed themselves as did everyone else.

A profit of £110 was made and will go towards the general upkeep of the village hall.

Thank you to all who turned up.

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