Reminder: The KC Cup Skittles Competition

super_skittle_set The KC Cup Skittles Competition

You will all have had a flyer explaining how the scoring will work.

The first session for you to try and get some points will be on Sunday 26th February in the hall from 2- 4 pm.  Don’t worry if you cannot make this as I will be running a couple of more sessions later in the year.

The competition is open to all ages and there are prizes for over 12yrs, 6-11 years and 5 and under.  The play will be adjusted to allow the younger members of the village to take part.  Friends and family are welcome but the KC Cup will go to the best villager.

Entry fee – £4 for adults, £2 for school age children. Excess raised will go to Wiltshire Air Ambulance.  Please bring with you when you attend the session.

Good Luck.


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